Dehydrated Yukon Gold Potato

Solanum tuberosum
Donated by Thomas Abrahamson

Weight: 17 g
Length: 4 cm

compact, crinkly yukon gold potato

Typical of a dehydrated potato, the surface of this specimen has a reticulated texture. It is compact, with a slightly boxy shape, and is most likely a Yukon Gold. In 1966, the Yukon Gold variety was developed in Canada by Gary Johnston, who crossed a wild South American yellow-fleshed potato (W5279-4) with a North Dakotan Norgleam. Yukon Golds are suitable for a variety of cooking methods. They are commonly described as being starchy with a dry texture. Others describe the texture as moist. Indisputably, “a dry texture” describes this specimen.   NEXT >

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