Shriveled Ginger

Zingiber officinale
Donated by Elizabeth Drews

Weight: 2.5 g
Length: 5 cm

wrinkly gray ginger specimen and PLU label, which says Fresh Ginger, Melissa's, PLU 4612, Product of China

This shriveled ginger root was found by its donor in her purse. Her words, “I don’t use ginger too often,” do not explain exactly how the specimen came to be in her purse, but in any case, it seems that the donor did not miss the ginger as she unknowingly carried it around “via train and bike, to and fro.”

As the specimen shriveled and shrunk, its PLU label was no longer able to cling to it. The label reads “Fresh ginger...” a fond memory of its earlier incarnation.  NEXT >

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