Desiccated Mexican Lime

Citrus × aurantiifolia
(C. micrantha x C. medica)

Anonymous donor

Weight: 19 g
Length: 5.5 cm

rather dark, round dehyrated lime

This dehydrated lime was excavated from behind the second bedroom door of her apartment as the donor was preparing to move out. Rightly or wrongly, one of the family cats (“Oz or Mulden, but not the female”) was being blamed for the lime’s relocation to behind the bedroom door. The lime was originally intended for use in a Corona beer. (There seems to be a correlation between misplaced limes and alcohol. See the desiccated lime slice and the crumpled persian lime.)

As this lime dried and hardened, it retained its uniformly rounded shape. As with other citrus fruits, the oil glands are visible on its peel.  NEXT >

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