Desiccated Lime Slice

Citrus x latifolia
Donated by Hal Kugeler

Weight: 3 g
Length: 5.5 cm

dehydrated lime slice with dark interior

This desiccated lime slice was excavated by the donor from under the passenger-side floor mat of a Honda Civic belonging to Doug Deifenbach. One may wonder how a slice of lime came to be found on the floor of an automobile. Perhaps it was being transported to a party, intended for use in a dish or a drink.

The flesh of the lime slice has turned dark due to oxidization. This happens when the enzyme polyphenol oxidase contained in the cells is exposed to air and and reacts with oxygen. Interestingly, citrus juice is often used to keep other cut fruits from turning brown, yet citrus fruits—if allowed to dry out—will themselves eventually turn brown. Dehydrated Museum staff are curious to gain a greater understanding of this phenomenon.  NEXT >

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