Dried Peppers

Donated by Frank Anello and an Anonymous donor

Weight: 1 g each
Length: 4–6 cm

four elongated crumpled peppers with stems

These peppers were coincidentally donated by two different individuals within the same month. Their precise variety has not been determined, but they appear to be chiles and/or jalapeños. Intentions of cooking fiery chile or another spicy dish, did not come to fruition, and as a result the peppers were deserted. As the word suggests, the peppers—dry and shriveled—look like they’ve spent time in an arid desert.

Capsaicin is the chemical in peppers that produces a burning sensation. Capsaicin is concentrated in the pith around the seeds. Mammals and insects tend to be discouraged by the burning sensation, while birds (who are great seed dispersers) are not.  NEXT >

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