Dried Mandarin Orange

Citrus reticulata
Anonymous donor
c. 2010

Weight: 16 g
Diameter: 5 cm

dehydrated mandarin orange with sticker

As this mandarin orange has dehydrated, it has been molded into an uneven, undulating shape. This phenomenon is likely due to the thin skin of the mandarin. By contrast, as their thicker-skinned cousins the oranges dehydrate, they tend to retain their geometrically spherical form.

The specimen’s PLU (price look-up) label is still clinging to the skin. #3030 Jaffa Suntina identifies it as a Suntina mandarin orange, grown in Israel. It is a hybrid of the Clementine and Orlando.

In Chinese medicine, aromatic, nutrient-packed citrus peel is dried and used to treat a variety of ailments. However, Museum visitors are asked to refrain from gnawing on specimens in the collection.  NEXT >

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